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Welcome to Scientific Social!

Here at Scientific Social, our goal is to provide a place for scientists and non-scientists alike to discover new and exciting facts about the world they live in.

As science enthusiasts, we want to share our passion with everyone around us. We curate engaging and enlightening content that is not only entertaining, but informative.

Everyone is born a scientist; let’s explore our world together.

Our Team

BokeyBokey is a life long science enthusiast and self-taught artist, specializing in the medium of photography. By combining his innate artistic ability with his love for science, he looks to create images from a unique perspective, engaging and enlightening viewers. He looks to share his passion of art and science with the world in a way that’s easy to understand and is applicable to day-to-day life. Bokey’s biggest influences in the field of science is Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.



Booty is a geologist and environmental scientist whose graduate thesis focused on ancient soil formation. Having briefly taught labs at the college level, Booty is experienced in conveying difficult topics to students in terms they understand. He now works in the professional field but remains a teacher at heart; part of which lends itself to the never ending pursuit of knowledge.  Acquiring more knowledge is good and all, but he prefers to dispense knowledge to others for fun.

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